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Great opportunity to go to college without the big tuition and loan that haunts you for years.  You can earn a
  • Bachelor - 2 Years
  • Master - 2 Years plus Thesis
  • Doctorate - 2 Years plus Dissertation

Bible College affords an opportunity to answer the calling of God for Ministry
Bible College gets you first hand training for Ministry
Bible College is a place to find direction for my life's work
Bible College helps you to explain the Bible more correctly
Bible College teaches you how to create outlines
Bible College gives you the ability to properly manage a Church

OF NOTE: our Seminary is taught internationally as well; we have students in the Philippines, Uganda, and Kenya.  

Accreditation: we are approved by the Department of Education, Sacramento, California (Post Secondary).  We perform this Godly work with the full knowledge of this Official Agency.

House of the LORD Theological Seminary is formally organized with Board of Directors, Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and By-Laws, a 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Organization.
For more information call the office at 951.485.9000 or contact us by email HOTLinfo@Yahoo.Com